Two times gold, a silver medal and one Creative Strategy Award at Eurobest 2021

Great news! The Gold, Silver, Bronze and Creative Strategy Awards for Eurobest 2021 have been announced. We won two gold and a silver medal with the ‘Lost in Playlists’ song by @wearetwintoes (together with @mortierbrigade), ##continue## and the Creative Strategy Award for the ‘Be Safe, Be Late’ campaign for @volvocarbelux (together with @FamousGrey).

The Grand Prix and Special Award winners were revealed at Eurobest Unwrapped 2021, on Wednesday, 15 December 2021.

Lost in Playlists – Twin Toes

Be safe, Be late – Volvo Cars

Frieke Janssens / Volvo Back To School – Lore from BRANSCH on Vimeo.


Lost in Playlists – Twin Toes

Directed by: Simon Vanrie @simon.vanrie
Produced by: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Producer: Femke Verstuyft @femkeverstuyft, Josefine Morrens @josefinemorrens & Marie-Lou Obedeijn @marielou.o
DOP: Rom Ferrand @rom_ferrand
Art Director: Geoffrey Masse @chattertone
Focus puller: Bjorn Defrere & Camilla de Souza Bispo
Cam Ass.: Sara Van Acoleven
Gaffer: Florent Bagard
Best Boy: Maël Ferung
Production Ass.: @marielou.o, @josefinemorrens, @charlotteeggerickx, @leo_______nie & @hanne_vanhorebeek
Edit: Jelle Stroo
Grading: Nico De Deck @nicodedeck
Lead Producer: Amandine Clio @amandineclio
Band members: Nico Moe @nicolamou & Antoine Chance @antoine_chance_
Label: @capitane_records
Thanks to: @mortierbrigade, @eye_lite, @litescamera, @vidisquare, De Haan, @louvielle, @nicolas__michaux & @nadabooking

Be Safe, Be Late – Volvo Cars

Photographer: Frieke Janssens @friekejanssens_photography
Produced by: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Producer: Lauranne Crahay @laurannecrahay
DOP: Francois Starr @francois_starr
Photographer Ass.: Manu Bloemen @mablphotostudio
Gaffer: Marco Vieira @_marcovieira
Hair & Make-up: An Graré @an.grare
Stylist: Laura Gryseels @lauragryseels
Agency: FamousGrey @famousgrey
Client: Volvo @volvocarbelux

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with Dreamland

Everyone loves presents, and especially children! Together with photographer @brittguns and @mortierbrigade, we produced this ‘End of the Year Special’ for @dreamland_be. ##continue## Bounce Rocks wishes everybody a merry Christmas and a healty and wonderful New Year!


Photographer: Britt Guns @brittguns
Produced by: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Producer: Roxane Lemaire @bouncerox & Lauranne Crahay @laurannecrahay
Production Ass.: Charlotte Eggerickx @charlotteeggerickx
Photographer Ass.: Alwin Vyvey @alwinvyvey
DOP: Kamiel Doens @kamieldoens
Light: Bram Lens @bramlens
Electro: Gert Minnebach
Setdresser: Ethel
Setdresser Ass.: Camille Gilbert @kmigilbert
Styling: Lisa Sergeant @lisasergeant
Make-up: Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen @emmanuelle.bastiaenssen
Agency: Mortierbrigade @mortierbrigade
Client: Dreamland @dreamland_be

Winter in Antwerp

Together with @stad_antwerpen and photographer @evertthiry, we made this magical winter announcements for the city of Antwerp. ##continue## From December 4 to January 9 2021, Antwerp welcomes you in a amazing setting. Even though there are no Christmas stalls this year, there is still a lot to experience!


Photographer: Evert Thiry @evertthiry
Produced by: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Producer: Roxane Lemaire @bouncerox
Production Ass.: Josefine Morrens @josefinemorrens
Styling: Lisa Sergeant @lisasergeant
Make-up: Martena Duss @thisismartena
Client: Stad Antwerpen @stad_antwerpen

New studio and new Bounce Rockers

Despite the pandemic, 2020 & 2021 was a year full of change. We moved to our new office with our very own studio! This year was also all about growing and so did our team. We’ve welcomed Femke, Josefine, Charlotte and Luka as our new Bounce Rockers. ##continue##

Arca drops an industrial and futuristic music video designed by Frederik Heyman

Spanish singer and cyberdiva @arca1000000 has released a music video for two songs from her/their forthcoming album, ‘Kick ii’. The video clip was designed and directed by 3D artist @frederikheyman. ##continue## The clip features the tracks ‘Prada’ and ‘Rakata’, and the overall video intends to combine Arca’s identities into a single “quantum superstate”.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this amazing visual experience here:


Directed by: Frederik Heyman @frederikheyman
Concept & Design by: Frederik Heyman @frederikheyman and Arca @arca1000000
3D visual creation by: Frederik Heyman @frederikheyman
Avatar creation Arca and mocap by: Mimic Productions @mimic_productions
Creature, tapir, and mascotte modeling by: Andrea Chiampo @andrea_chiampo
Make-Up by: Daniel Sallstrom @daniel_s_makeup
Hair by: Rubèn Mármol @rubenmarmol
3D assistant: Arne De Coster @arnedc_
Font processing by: Studio M
Produced by: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks & Shaun MacDonald @damnitignacio @xlrecordings

Caroline Bosmans AW21

A boring lookbook? Never. Together with photographer Merlin Meuris, two giant teddy bears and Caroline Bosmans’ beautiful children’s clothes we roamed the streets and made these unconventional pictures. ##continue##


Visual Artist: Merlin Meuris @merlin_meuris
Client: Caroline Bosmans @carolinebosmans
Photo assistant: Alwin Vyvey
Production: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks


Watch out for the litter monsters! For Mooimakers and Mortierbrigade we made these 3 images in collaboration with photographer Louis-Philippe Beauduin and 3D designer Peter Serruys. ##continue##


Visual Artist: Louis-Philippe Beauduin @lpbeauduin
Agency: Mortierbrigade @mortierbrigade
Client: Mooimakers @demooimakers
Photo assistant: Alwin Vyvey
Stylist: Lisa Sergeant @lisasergeant
MUA: Stefanie Lisabeth @stefanielisabeth
3D artist: Peter Serruys @mr_eightyone
Retouche: Yelle Vandenburaene @thelivingroomretouching

Killer Combo

Daniil Lavrovski shot the “Killer Combo” campaign for Bruxelles Mobilité to spread awareness about the dangers of combining drugs with transportation. ##continue##


Visual Artist: Daniil Lavrovski @d_lavrovski
Agency: Mortierbrigade @mortierbrigade
Client: Bruxelles Mobilité @bruxellesmobilite
Photo assistant: Alwin Vyvey
Stylist: Farah El Bastani @farahelbastani
MUA: Lili Glavan @liliglavan
Production: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks


“Eat your potatoes” we say in Belgium, because… fried, mashed, sliced potatoes are always a good idea. Together with Darwin BBDO, Vlam & ofcourse our holy team Burp, we created a campaign to show you the diversity of potatoes to bring to your table.


Visual Artist: Burp @burpphoto
Agency: Darwin BBDO @darwinbbdo
Client: EU Potatoes
DOP: Piet Deyaert @pietdeyaert
Focuspuller: Rachelle Sluiter @rachellesluiter
Light: Tinus Dam @damtinus
Food stylist: Burp @burpphoto
Production: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks

Bounce Rocks presents Burp

This is the second film in the series ‘Bounce Rocks presents’.
The films are the result of giving carte blanche to @daviddoom, @kamieldoens & @tobiasderuwe challenging the use of digital as a default medium and putting analogue film back in the picture as a viable alternative. ##continue##
Today’s film is starring @burpphoto.
In this second film of the series, you get a glimpse in the life of the duo @burpphoto creating their original approach on stillife, food, fun and color.


Massive thank you to the whole team, you guys are awesome! (Full crewlist underneath & last slide!)

#shotonfilm #16mm #cinematography #foodstyling #stillife
Shot on kodak 7219 vision3 500T

Starring Talents: @burpphoto
Director: @tobiasderuwe
DOP: @daviddoom & @kamieldoens
Production: @bouncerocks @femkeverstuyft @marylittlemary_
Focus Puller: @joelbervoets
Sound on set: @beralstudio
Gaffer: @pieterjan_donckels
Editor: @liesbeth.vs
Sound post production: @wolfdoyen
Grading: @kamieldoens
Graphic design: @davydenduyver
Extra thanks: @wattsbvba & @themovielot


Frederik Heyman shot Burberry’s Monogram with queen Naomi. In each image every element and action are carefully designed and defined in advance. This reflects in his commissioned works as well in his personal, more eclectic oeuvre. We’re proud to be a part of ##continue## this wonderful creation.


Visual Artist: Frederik Heyman @frederikheyman
Client: Burberry @burberry
Model: Naomi Campbell @naomi
Production: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Music: @nillyjohnbultheel
With @mimic_productions @fbfxdigital

Bounce Rocks presents Daniil Lavrovski

This docu is the result of giving carte blanche to @tobiasderuwe, @kamieldoens & @daviddoom. They made two portraits of @d_lavrovski and @burpphoto by challenging the use of digital as a default medium ##continue## and putting analogue film back in the picture as a viable alternative. ##continue##

In this first of a series of two films, you get a glimpse in the life of our talent @d_lavrovski an amazingly talented photographer who developed his unique style through his background in the skate and music scene.

It was a true pleasure teaming up with so many talented and passionate people who all worked so hard to get this first one out!


Massive thank you to the whole team, you guys are awesome! (Full crewlist underneath & last slide!)

#shotonfilm #16mm #cinematography #skateboarding
Shot on kodak 7219 vision3 500T

Starring Talent: Daniil Lavrovski @d_lavrovski
Director: Tobias Deruwe @tobiasderuwe
DOP: Kamiel Doens @kamieldoens & David Doom @daviddoom
Production: Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Focus Puller: Letizia Giorgi @letieatworld
Sound on set: Andries Essel @andriesess
Gaffer:Pieterjan Donckels @pieterjan_donckels
Editor: Liesbeth @liesbeth.vs
Sound post production: Wolf Doyen @wolfdoyen
Grading: Kamiel Doens @kamieldoens
Graphic design: Davy Den Duyer @davydenduyver
Extra thanks: @wattsbvba & @themovielot

The Playlist Song

Every band wants their songs in official playlists.
@wearetwintoes thought it’d be fun to do the opposite. They put official playlists in their song. Director @simon.vanrie translated this visually. We remade the Spotify playlist covers with the two Twin Toes band members in it. ##continue##


Thx to this amazing crew

Directed by: Simon Vanrie @simon.vanrie
Produced by Bounce Rocks @bouncerocks
Producer : Femke Verstuyft @femkeverstuyft, Josefine Morrens @josefinemorrens en Marie-Lou Obedeijn @marielou.o
DOP : Rom Ferrand @rom_ferrand
Art Director : Geoffrey Masse @chattertone
Focus puller : Bjorn Defrere & Camilla de Souza Bispo
Cam Ass. : Sara Van Acoleven
Gaffer : Florent Bagard
Best Boy : Maël Ferung
Production Ass : @marielou.o, @josefinemorrens @charlotteeggerickx @leo_______nie & @hanne_vanhorebeek
Edit : Jelle Stroo
Grading : Nico De Deck @nicodedeck
Lead Producer : Amandine Clio @amandineclio
Band members : Nico Moe @nicolamou & Antoine Chance @antoine_chance_
Label : @capitane_records
Thanks to @mortierbrigade , @eye_lite , @litescamera, @vidisquare , De Haan, @louvielle , @nicolas__michaux @nadabooking